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To say her
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Автор:  ylq [ Пт окт 18, 2019 11:08 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  To say her

To say her appearance, the black grape-like eyes squint, the delicate melon face smiled and looked good, although there is no dimple, but her smile I like it very much. Tang Xiaoyu knows a lot of people, and he is also a girl who has a wide range of friends. In elementary school, she knew almost every time she was in the same session. She is like me, she loves to play, but she knows more in public Cigarettes Online, and I am very embarrassed, sometimes she will remind me, and then I will listen to her words and close my mouth. I also remembered an English speaking contest in the sixth grade. At that time, Tang Xiaoxuan asked me: "Do we sing or tell stories together?" I hesitated: "I still sing." When I was practicing songs in my house Marlboro Gold, my mother asked us to choose a song from "The Sound of Music." When Tang Xiaoying sang, I finally knew her shortcomings, that is, her five insufficiency. My mother has always had no choice but to leave the simplest part to her. Finally, when we sang in a nervous mood in the lecture hall, I heard that Tang Xiaoxuan still had some inaccuracies. As a result, I was chosen, and Tang Xiaoxuan��s defeat of Tang Xiaoxuan was still an optimistic girl. I remember that after a math test, she didn't do well, and I didn't have much more than her. I always wanted to find a chance to talk to her, but she came to me and said that she figured out, as long as I continued to work hard, even if only one or two points of progress, it is good. She comforted herself and comforted me. Not only do we help each other in learning, but we also care about each other in our lives. I remember that every time I was sad, she would be sad with me. Every time I was happy, she would be happy with me. Together, we will dislike each other, will laugh at each other, and will relieve each other... Now in junior high school, although not in a class, our hearts are still together. Sometimes when we enter the school gate, we will all smile at each other, and after school every day, I will wait for Tang Xiaoxuan. If I am late for school, she will wait for me. We will know each other about what we have encountered today, and what anecdotes are in the class. When we walk to the door, we will reluctantly separate the junior high school Cheap Cigarettes. I am still an immature child and may not know how to friendship, but Now I will cherish this friendship.
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