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 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
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Сообщение The Tampa Bay Buccaneers
have had a lost season and currently sit at 5-10 Jordan Whitehead Jersey , which is good for last place in the NFC South, yet again. The Buccaneers will play host to the Atlanta Falcons this week in the season finale. Tampa Bay lost the first matchup of the season 34-29. Since that game, Mark Duffner took over as the interim defensive coordinator after the Buccaneers fired former defensive coordinator Mike Smith. Smith’s defense was on pace to be the worst in NFL history in several defensive categories, but since the firing, the defense has been better for the most part. Wednesday, Duffner spoke to the media ahead of the season finale and commented on several defensive topics, including what the defense has improved on the most since week six.“I think our ability to generate rush has been one of the areas for sure. We’ve also cut down explosive plays which is important for us to get done – so that’s been a plus for us,” Duffner said. “Obviously, there’s much, much [more] room for improvement across the board. We’re having I think less mental errors and these type of things. The execution is what we’re striving to be as consistent as possible and I think we’ve taken some strides in that.”One of the talking points all season long for this defense was the development of the rookies on the defense. Those rookies are Carlton Davis, Vita Vea, M.J Stewart and Jordan Whitehead. Most of them have had their ups and downs all season long Kendell Beckwith Jersey , but from week one, Carlton Davis has been the most consistent and Duffner commented on his long term status as a starter in the NFL “I think he is. I think he’s got the length and the speed and the change of direction. He’s certainly a confident player – that’s a spot you need to be confident in. He’s got a lot of the attributes that we think are necessary for a guy to be a successful corner. So yeah, I’m excited about where I think he’s heading, Davis said.”A big question Tampa Bay faces this off-season is the contract situation of Gerald McCoy. McCoy is due to make $13 million next season and his production hasn’t quite matched the cap number. He is also turning 31 in February. Duffner did speak highly of McCoy today in terms of what he does for this team.“He’s out there in pre-practice. He’s out there before practice working out and doing sprints, doing different things – skills, bag drills, rush drills and things of that nature that is not required. He’s doing the extra, if you will, Duffner said. “A lot if of it’s what he does in the classroom in terms of the study – very studious in terms of his preparation. Again, a lot of extra work on and off the field – on and before practice.”Duffner has certainly made his case to return next season as the Buccaneers defensive coordinator and another high first round pick on defense including the possible return of Kwon Alexander could really elevate this defense. We’ll see which direction the Glazer family chooses to go. Can Matt Bryant return to Tampa Bay and lift the kicking curse that has been over Raymond James Stadium and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ever since he departed after the 2008 season? The answer is absolutely. If the Buccaneers could go back to 2008, they would probably give Matt Bryant a record contract for kickers and a lifetime contract with the team. Unfortunately, those 11 years can’t be undone Noah Spence Jersey , but it can be made right. The Buccaneers still need a kicker and while Santos was okay last season, he wasn’t great. Even at age 43, Matt Bryant is still a great NFL kicker. In 2018, he attempted 21 field goals and made 20 of them (95.2%). He was also 33 out of 35 on Extra points (94.3%). Since 2010, Matt Bryant has had one season where his kicking percentage was below 86% and that was back in 2015 when he made 77.8% of his field goals. Obviously, connections are to be made on the Buccaneers coaching staff. The current special teams coordinator, Keith Armstrong, was Matt Bryant’s special teams coordinator back in Atlanta, so the familiarity between the two is obviously there. If your worried that Matt Bryant doesn’t have a big leg anymore, please don’t. He was 4 out of 50 from 50+ yards in 2018 and he was 7 out of 7 from 40+ yards in 2018. This move is a no-brainer and one Jason Licht must capitalize on come March. Just lift the curse.

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