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 In charge of rewriting Fallout 76 Caps 
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Сообщение In charge of rewriting Fallout 76 Caps
In charge of rewriting Fallout 76 Caps an whole questline as well as NPC interactions in what they are dubbing the"A Scholarly Course" side-quest chain.The original pursuit featured a"misogynistic philanderer" who seeks to rekindle his libido after being thrown into prison and can be then left sexually impotent (all of which is a result of him cheating

on his spouse ). The quests he provides involves obtaining things that will cure him of the ailment, including stealing women's clothes, and peeping on bathing women. He requests you to do so since he thinks these girls are nymphs, and in accordance with a local legend, they are made to marry him when he's their garments.It turns out

that these women are Lycandi, and watch a similar habit -- he ends up being forced to marry one of them and ends up becoming her pumped up. The staffer makes a point in saying the guy is vocal about not loving her, he thinks she is unattractive (because she's muscles), and blames the player for ruining his life.Apparently, this has all

been completely re-written to produce the player character into"a good human cheap Fallout 76 Caps being" who doesn't"go around trying to force girls into marriage against their will."Instead of being sent off by the NPC"to obtain what he believed to be dwelling remedy versions of Viagra," the player is now asked to"research different facets of the Lycandi's

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