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 tle lives. The same is true 
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Сообщение tle lives. The same is true
pinion, they seem to fly around the grandmother of Qin. With the grandma poured over the wildflowers, we returned to the old house of the wall. Grandma's wife is gone, she also has a "person" to accompany, in detail, only to find that the bamboo rafts set up next to the front yard are entwined with dense vines, like a girl's thick curly hair. The purple crystals formed under the branches of the vines give a wonderful feeling of life. Looking back at the door, it is a bi-colored garden - the eucalyptus tree towering into the clouds, the elegant and elegant Clivia Online Cigarettes, and even the hard and strong cactus is full of infinite green. Everything gives a feeling of happiness and gusto Newport 100S. Just screaming, Qin Grandma has brewed the tea: "Come here, come and drink tea!" The milky white pot has almost changed color, almost can not see the original white, it should have been used for a long time. The afternoon tea place of Qin Grandma is actually on this stump. The original ecological stumps are full of mellow fragrance of jasmine tea, which is unforgettable because it is not particularly strong. Qin grandma took a sip of tea, and did not know if she had drunk it or not. Her eyes were scorned and she was already deeply immersed in tea. I can't help but ask Qin Grandma: "Grandma, are you happy?" Qin grandma stunned, put down the teacup, and exhaled the faint fragrance left in the mouth. "You know, Grandpa is not around, so I want to enrich my life." On this day, if you say happiness Parliament Cigarettes, you will be happy. Because in my opinion, the simple and fulfilling days, happiness and happiness, even day after day, is also a happy and beautiful feeling, gentle warm sun shines on Qin��s grandmother��s On the side of the face, there is golden light. Qin's grandmother's eyes are also very gentle, very pure: "I have more than 70 this year, my request is not much, just want to go through the path every day, even if there is no cement road, I can use Flowers are more beautifully decorated; even if no one wants this path, I am willing to cultivate wildflowers so that the pair of white butterflies can stop here, even if others don't care, I just want to leave a good scenery for myself; I watered, fertilized and weeded these plants one day. I felt that I was dressing up their lives for these little lives. The same is true for tea. In fact, I don��t know tea, but I am willing to drink tea, as long as I am happy.I can create what I think of happiness. Even if it is just a little bit of everyday things, it can make me feel full and satisfied. "Qin grandma's look suddenly is very serious, like a child, no joke: "Don't look at me more than 70, my body can be tough, I can go to the house to fill the tile!" So I don't worry about every rainstorm. As long as there is a ladder, I dare to climb the roof. "Qin Grandma's tone, serious and serious, and no shortage of childishness, with pride in the tone near noon, the sun shone quietly, my grandmother and Qin silently tasted tea, only the white butterfly in the courtyard is still happy to fan With wings flying, I understand that happiness can be as simple as it can be in the little things of life
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