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 Where Do I Find Tenpoint Vapor Rs470 Vs Ravin R29x Today. 46 
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Сообщение Where Do I Find Tenpoint Vapor Rs470 Vs Ravin R29x Today. 46
With two of the fastest crossbows ever made topping this roundup, it's safe to state that the pace race is still running strong from the crossbow world-so much so that 400 ft per second now appears to be the newest unofficial barrier to entry in the flagship category. But there are other improvements besides raw speed. Crank-style cocking devices are becoming safer, easier, and quieter-a necessity since most high-performance crossbows can not even be used without them. Triggers continue to improve, too, rather than just by becoming lighter. Product-recall course from a few years ago demonstrated that ultralight trigger sears have their own limitations when it comes to holding 200-plus lbs of limb pressure. The most effective new crossbow triggers rival those found on fine rifles, and they are safer than ever too.

Why "The Stewart Edward White" Is the Ideal Shooting Drill for Deer Hunting
As to general design, you will find both some radical new systems and a few thoughtful upgrades from several heavyweight brands which have dominated our crossbow testing for many decades now. While the costs of a few have reached near-ridiculous amounts, some remain comparatively affordable.

One thing's for certain: Flagship crossbows keep getting better and better. For any new version to have any shot at winning our yearly test, it will have to be damn near perfect. I can't wait to put them head-to-head this spring, but for now, here are top flagship versions that caught my eye at the 2020 ATA series.

Tenpoint Vapor Rs470 Vs Ravin R29x
Tenpoint Vapor Rs470 Vs Ravin R29x is among the quickest, most-powerful crossbows available on the marketplace. TenPoint Crossbows

The Lowdown: The RS470 shoots up to 470 fps., and knowing that TenPoint bolts err on the side means that this is most likely the most powerful crossbow available on the market. It's a reverse-draw system that actually rotates the cams 404 levels. It sports the new ACUSlide cocking mechanism and revamped SW1 trigger.

First Look: A fresh design for 2020, the RS470 is a powerhouse that's packed with innovative features. The silent ACUSlide cocking mechanism seems a lot like the Ravin's cocking system, but with some stark differences. Even though de-cocking the bow, you can stop and even forego the deal with no spinning out of control. The trigger box, once cocked, also snaps into place using a release latch, giving a certain sign that the bow is cocked while eliminating tension on the cocking strap.

In the past, the causes have been among my few complaints regarding TenPoint bows, but the brand new SW1 system appears to be a big improvement. It's a two-stage trigger having a promoted 3.5-pound pull weight. I spent just a bit of time with it on the range, but I liked it. This will be a tough crossbow to beat in this year's evaluation. $3,000 at https://huntinggiant.com is the highest rated.

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